[1]Added by RantingCommunityOn July 26th, 2013, NateTalksToYou's YouTube channel was terminated. According to YouTube, it was due to repeated or severe violations of their Community Guidelines. Needless to say, many users were not happy about this.

Friends and Fans ReactEdit

Soon multiple videos were made about Nate's termination. OfficialGATG made a rant about it and how faulty YouTube's flagging system is. He felt YouTube made it too easy for channels to get false flagged and taken down. Several of Nate's subscribers also made videos about the situation, and informed others about Nate's backup channel called NateTalks2You. [2][!!!_WTF_YOUTUBE%3F!%3F_Read_Description GRD - False Flagging Sucks NateTalksToYou TERMINATED!!! WTF YOUTUBE?!? Read Description(07:27) 0 views][3][!! Natetalkstoyou terminated !!(01:15) 0 views][4][!_(Out_dated) Natetalkstoyou channel terminated! (Out dated)(01:07) 0 views][5][ NateTalksToYou Terminated - Is This What YouTube Has Come Down To?(00:52) 0 views]

A Petition Is MadeEdit

[6]Comments made below the petition.Added by RantingCommunityYouTube ranter ElectricUnicycleCrew supported NateTalksToYou by starting a petition on to get Nate's channel back. During the time it was up, the petition garnered 17 signatures.

NateTalksToYou ReturnsEdit

[7]OfficialGATG's post about Nate's return.Added by RantingCommunityOn July 27th, 2013, to the surprise of many, NateTalksToYou's channel suddenly came back. Not many channels the size of Nate's would ever be reinstated, especially in only a day. Once people began to notice that NateTalksToYou's channel was back, some of his fans made videos updating others of his return. [8][ Welcome back nate(00:57) 0 views][9][! Natetalkstoyou got his channel back!(00:35) 0 views]==Start a DiscussionDiscussions about NateTalksToYou Terminated==