{| cellpadding="1" class="infobox bordered vevent" style="border-width:2px;border-color:rgb(136,136,136);color:rgb(213,212,212);width:264px;font-size:12px;text-align:left;" ! class="summary" colspan="2" style="font-size:15px;text-align:center;border:1pxsolidrgb(136,136,136);"|NateTalksToYou | class="wikia-infobox-image" colspan="2"|[1] |- !Profile: |NateTalksToYou |- !Date Joined: |Sep 12, 2010 |- !Country: |United States |- !Subscribers: |15,000+ |- !Videos: |100+ |- !Views: |4,000,000+ |- style="font-size:0px;line-height:0;" ! style="width:130px;padding:0px;"| ! style="width:130px;padding:0px;"| |} NateTalksToYou, aka Nathan Drake, is a YouTube vlogger best known for his rant videos on other YouTubers.


[hide] *1 Channel Growth

Channel GrowthEdit

Starting off, channel growth was fairly slow for Nate's channel. His earliest videos had pretty poor video quality, and lacked much substance. However, over time, Nate began to gain experience ranting, bought a better camera, and learned more ways to expand his channel. He finally made it to 1,000 subscribers in June of 2012 after posting a rant titled OBAMA IS MAKING KIDS GAY! Caiden Cowger Preaches Homophobia . Many consider it to be one of Nate's best videos. Later that month, Nathan partnered his channel with Fullscreen, Inc. Network. Since then, his channel has grown at a much faster rate.

A Dramatic Reading of Fantard CommentsEdit

On April 29th, 2012, Nate began a series on his channel named A Dramatic Reading of Fantard Comments. In each episode, NateTalksToYou and other YouTubers read off angry messages from fans of people Nate has ranted on. While each comment is read, a screenshot of the message is displayed, accompanied by an image of a person used to represent the commenter. The images used are usually of people making goofy/angry faces. The series has attained much success in the ranting community, and has helped popularize the dramatic reading genre. [2][ A Dramatic Reading of BOTDF Fantard Comments(07:17) 9 views]==WTF Reactions== Nate has been making reaction videos as early as 2011, but at some point in late 2012, he decided to turn them into a show named WTF Reactions. He got the name from how his brother would shout "What the fuck" when reacting to a video. The videos reacted to vary from bizarre, to just plain disturbing. Earlier reactions usually starred NateTalksToYou, his friends, and/or his brother. However, Nate has started to feature other YouTubers reacting in his videos.[3][!_GAGGING! 2 GIRLS 1 FINGER REACTION! GAGGING!(01:46) 4 views]==Television Appearance== On November 10th, 2012, NateTalksToYou made a review of the song "It's Thanksgiving" by Nicole Westbrook. CNN later did a news report on the song, and included a 3 second clip from Nate's video. [4][ Nicole Westbrook SUCKS (It's Thanksgiving Review)(04:18) 10 views]Nate's ReviewAdded by RantingCommunity[5][ Nicole Westbrook CNN News Report(01:56) 43 views]CNN News ReportAdded by RantingCommunity

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