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[hide] *1 Old Days On YouTube

Old Days On YouTubeEditEdit

Lachlan started of with an account called lachproductions101 (now removed) which barely amassed to anything, as it was deleted when it had 29 subs. Lachlan tended to make very poor quality parody videos on movie maker on this account and tend to post about Justin Bieber several times. However after realizing commenting "gay" on Justin Bieber- Baby he decided to close his account.

The new account he made in 2012 was entitled LAcHlAn1011 (his current channel) named after his PS3 online name LAcHlAn101. Due to him getting the name of his PS3 that does mean he intended it to be a gaming channel. So for the first couple of months Lachlan uploaded Happy Wheels gameplays until a friend critiqued him and Lachlan decided to change his ways and make videos with his friends, which he now regrets.

His Path To RantingEditEdit

Lachlan became interested into Undertakerfreak1127's content back in January 2012, which slowly progressed to him finding more ranters (however he never saw Cammeh's channel before it's termination). However, once Lachlan had his summer holidays in 2012 he decided to make a private blip account where he'd upload crappy webcam videos which he'd film in his living room. Around November Lachlan decided to make a rant called "Stop These Men Steriotypes, Sexism Works Both Sides", which would later be uploaded onto youtube, which was probably the stepping stone to his ranting (granted it wasn't perfect but it was were he started to make the transition from blogger to ranter). Around new years, Lachlan was talking to Jacob about ranting as Jacob was motivating and encouraging Lachlan to upload his rants to youtube so they reach a large auidence, so he did. 

His Early RantsEditEdit

Lachlan's old rants from around 3 months ago seemed to lack any interest value as he mostly tended to use the word "em" and "um" constantly, and Lachlan usually had a very forced voice as he sounded very unusual and unnatural. In fact, when Jacob was giving Lachlan somewhat of a shoutout he even mentioned "his videos are still developing". Also, recently Lachlan decided that he'd drop the whole "blue hoody" trademark and just wear any top he wants to wear.

Current StateEditEdit

Lachlan is currently partnered with fullscreen and tends to accociate with several ranters on a frequent basis (i.e. Zach, Shades, Razorath,ect.)